8 Interesting Facts To Know About The Ancestry DNA Test

Ancesty DNA

Are you interested in taking an ancestry DNA test? If yes, well, you are not alone.

Even if you just heard some news about celebrities tracing their origins to different parts of the world, this article will give you some insight into ancestry DNA.

So, let’s go straight to 8 interesting facts to know about an ancestry DNA test.

1. There Are Different Types

There are different types of ancestry DNA tests. So, not all the tests are the same. Some of the tests available are:

  • Y chromosome (Y-DNA) test
  • Mitochondrial (mtDNA) test
  • Autosomal DNA test

Y chromosome (Y-DNA) test

The Y chromosome (Y-DNA) test is only employed to determine the direct father’s line ancestry of a man. This test is for men only.

Mitochondrial (mtDNA) test

The mitochondrial (mtDNA) test is used to track the matrilineal heritage of both men and women. An mtDNA test can be taken by both men and women unlike the Y-DNA test taken by men only.

Autosomal DNA test

An autosomal DNA test is used to track both the paternal and maternal family lines. It has the ability to trace all of your family lines. This test is taken by both men and women.

2. Ancestry DNA Tests Cannot Give You A Complete Family Tree

Ancestry DNA tests lack the ability to give a complete family tree.

Therefore, if you planned to have a complete family tree with an ancestry DNA test, you might have to change your mind. While the test will give you information about where you originated from, it will not give you information about the exact place your ancestors are.

Furthermore, an ancestry DNA test will give you a lot of information about your origins. Results of ancestry DNA tests may show how and why your family moved from place to place.

In addition, your results are unique to you such that even siblings may have different ethnicity estimates. Even identical twins do not often get the same results from a single company.

3. The Level Of Ancestry DNA Test Accuracy Differs By Company

There are several providers of the ancestry DNA test. But these companies will not give you the same level of accuracy. When delivering your test results to you, these companies will provide you with different levels of accuracy.

Some providers will use 700,000 genetic markers to compare your DNA while other companies will make use of a lesser number of genetic markers that are backed by scientific research for the comparison.

4. Other People’s Test Results Relate To Yours

Apart from telling you about yourself, the ancestry DNA test can give you more information about your relationship with others. Some companies compare your DNA to that of everyone else’s in their database to determine how you relate with each other.

Depending on how much DNA you share with any given person in the DNA database, a possible relationship is possible. You might be matched up to anyone from a parent to a distant cousin.

These possible relatives, or “DNA matches,” are listed on your test results. They could live around the world or just down the street.

If you choose a company with a large consumer database, there is a higher chance of you finding people who might be related to you than with other DNA companies.

5. DNA Sample Collection Is Quick and Painless

Unlike other tests, DNA sample collection is fast and painless. To carry out the ancestry DNA test, you need a sample that will be sent to the testing company. But this procedure is not only fast, it is also not painful.

In the test kit is a swab stick that will be used to take the sample. Just run the inside of your cheek gently and use the swab test stick to take the sample and send to the company for analysis.

6. Your Privacy Is Important

Before settling for a company that will analyze your DNA, be sure they value privacy. A good company should take your privacy seriously. Your DNA is solely your property and must never be shared with a third party without your consent or express permission.

7. It Is Important To Consider The Cost And Time Of Processing

Cost and processing period are factors worth considering when choosing a company for your ancestry DNA test. Different companies offer different cost and processing times.

Some companies offer Ancestry DNA tests as little as $100, others are more expensive than that. For processing time, some providers will give you a 2-month period to deliver your test while other companies may take a longer period than that.

8. It is Easy To Order Your Ancestry DNA Test Kit

You can easily order an ancestry DNA test kit online, although we recommend making your own research to get the best in the market.

Some checklist to consider while making an order for your ancestry DNA test kit include:

  • Being sure the company you are choosing in a reputable one.
  • Ensuring that the analysis of the DNA will be done by scientists who are experienced.
  • Do not be deceived by an expensive kit. It does not necessarily translate to the best.

Above are the interesting facts to know about ancestry DNA tests. Feel free to leave feedback in the comment box below.

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