DNA Test In Lagos, Nigeria

There are many reasons why people desire DNA tests in Nigeria.

Sometimes, there’s a little confusion as to who the father of a child is, other times, foreign embassies and consulates request paternity test for immigration as a proof of the relationship between two people before a VISA is granted.

At Brookside Medical Practice, we offer this service in a quick, easy and affordable manner.

sample testing



You book an appointment by calling us here: 08179795565


Your sample is taken by our experienced doctors.

collect your result

Your result is mailed to you in 5- 10 working days.

What Is The Test Like?

We take your DNA sample from your cheek. We use cotton swabs to rub on each side of your cheeks for a few seconds and that is all.

It is completely painless and does not involve any needles.

How long Does It Take?

Depending on how many people have booked appointments for a particular day, it could take you 20-40 minutes from when you walk in through our doors till when you leave.

Your sample will be processed and the result can be mailed to you or collected at our office in 5-10 working days. You can always call our support line 08179795565 to track your results.

What Laboratory Handles My Sample?

We understand the sensitive nature of these tests, so we have partnered with top laboratories in the United Kingdom to ensure your samples are in the best hands, globally. This also one reason why your result gets ready in 5-10 working days.

How Much Does A DNA Test Cost in Nigeria?

There are different types of DNA tests, so our prices differ on what exactly you want. We offer legal, ancestral and immigration tests, feel free to call us on 08179795565 to find out our latest prices.

Are DNA Test Results Trustworthy?

Wondering if you can rely on the results of this test? Well, the simple answer is YES.

DNA is like a molecular ‘code’ that is present in your body’s cells and unique to you. The closer you are related to someone, the more similar your DNA molecules will look. 

The chances of an incorrect result are extremely slim, this, in fact, is one reason why DNA results are used in forensic studies and to solve legal issues. It is up to 99.9% accurate

Preparing For Your DNA Or Paternity Test

Whether it is an ancestry DNA test or a paternity test, here’s what you should come with to our collection center to make sure your sample is processed as fast as possible.

  1. 3 Passport photographs
  2. A government issued ID card and a photocopy

Just in case the person whose sample is due to be taken is below 18 years, a guardian who can sign the consent form on behalf of the child should come along to our center.

Where Are You Located?

After booking your appointment, you can visit us at our branch near you. For now, our only collection center is in Lagos. The address is below:

Brookside Medical Practice, 178B, Corporation Drive, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

You can always call us here 08179795565 if you need help with directions or view the map.